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Cosmetic Dentistry Evaluation – Pittsburgh, PA

How Do We Create a Beautiful Smile?

We all know what a beautiful smile looks like. At Warwick Dentistry we have a checklist of ten items that we evaluate to create that perfect smile.

1. Size and Proportion of the Front Teeth

Your two front teeth should be 77% as wide as they are long, so the front tooth should be a little longer than its width.

2. Golden Proportion

Golden proportion evidence shows that our perception of physical beauty is based on how closely the features of one’s face reflect Phi or the number 1.6 in their proportions. When you evaluate someone’s smile their front two teeth should appear 1.6 as wide as the next teeth which should be 1 and the next tooth should be 0.6 in width.

3. Midline and Arch Alignment

Your front two teeth should be in the center of your face and your upper teeth should be parallel to the floor not canted sideways.

4. Axial Inclination

Your front two teeth should be close to straight up and down in inclination and your other front teeth should be angled towards the front of the mouth.

5. Lip Line

The edges of your upper teeth should follow your lower lip line. If they don’t then you have a reverse smile.

6. Contact Points

The spot where your teeth touch is called the contact point. The contact points move towards the gumline as you move further back in the mouth. Your front two teeth should touch towards the edge or tip of the teeth.

7. Arch Form

Your upper teeth should fit along a nice wide “U” shaped arch.

8. Gradation of the Back Teeth

As you look from the canine back to the back teeth, these teeth should gradually look shorter.

9. Gum Contour and Symmetry

The gum height on the second front tooth should be lower than your front teeth. Your gum heights on one side of an arch should be a mirror reflection of the other side.

10. Zeniths

The height of the gum tissue on the second front tooth should be in the center of the tooth. In the front two teeth, the highest point of the gum tissue should be more to the back of the tooth.